New Collectors Join Long Term Enthusiasts

We thought it would be interesting to know how long site visitors have been collecting old mowers. Of course many visitors are not collectors so it's no surprise that the majority of respondents fall into this category. However, it is interesting that broadly as many people have been collecting for less than one year as those who have collected for more than 20 years. Our club celebrates the 20th anniversary of our first annual rally this year and many of the people who were present at that event will be there again in 2010. We have many long-term "founder members" but equally the number of new members joining each year reflects the ongoing popularity of this hobby. The full results of the poll are included below.

Smaller Collections Preferred By Most Collectors

Our latest visitor poll has just finished and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular size of collection was between 2 and 10 mowers. Almost one half of voters have collections in this range and a further quarter have just one mower in their collection. It's difficult to say whether the size of collections is dictated by available storage space, length of time collecting or simply the good sense not to keep adding more and more machines. Interestingly, slightly more people claim to have collections of over 50 machines (20 people) than those owning 11-50 (14 people). We know that some members have collections comprising well over 100 machines... The full results of the poll are included below.

Mowers On National Geographic TV

Old lawn mowers are featured in Britain's Greatest Machines on the National Geographic channel in the UK (available on Sky and Virgin) on Saturday 20 February at 9pm. The show is presented by Chris Barrie (Rimmer the hologram in Red Dwarf) and features machines from a different decade each week. This week it's the 1920s and the show includes Chris trying out an Atco Standard. That's all we know but if you wanted to choose one mower from the 1920s it would have to be the Standard. You can see more about the show, with still images and a short preview video at the link below.

Modern Mowers Most Popular

The results of our first visitor poll are now in and it's a resounding "yes" for the modern machine. More than half of the 120 voters said their favourite era of mower was "Post 1945". This might come as a bit of a surprise to some collectors but the votes don't lie.

Thanks to everyone who voted. There's a new poll to try out and we'll await the results with keen interest.

Meanwhile, the results of the first poll are included below.


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