Newer Ransomes Marquis Pinon Removal

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Newer Ransomes Marquis Pinon Removal

Hi, I have a Ransomes Marquis with a Honda engine and i was wondering if i could get some assistance on how to remove the pinon in order replace the cylinder (it has some bent blades). I have scoured these forums and found topics which cover this however they all seem to be on the older versions of the marquis. I am currently in the middle of restoring this machine and have become a little unstuck.

Above shows the pinon. I have read on this forum that you need to jam the cylinder to stop it from turning and use a chain whip or other methods to undo the pinon which is threaded onto the cylinder left handed. However, after consulting a friend who is a technician he suggested that part #22 in the diagram below could be splined and not threaded on.


This has certainly put a halt to my restoration project so any help would be great. This is a slightly newer machine so i don't know if this process is slightly different to the older the marquis'.

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Part 22 is screwed on with a

Part 22 is screwed on with a left hand thread an can / will be ** tight!

Best done with the cutter unit dropped out of the chassis.

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