Ultrasonic baths

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Ultrasonic baths

Whilst browsing through past restoration and repair posts I’ve seen that several of you have successfully used ultrasonic baths for cleaning carburettors. Do you use water or water with some additive or detergent to help the ultrasonic cleaning action or some other medium?

I’m thinking of purchasing a unit for this job. If anyone has found any bath particularly good (or bad) I would like to hear your opinions if you are happy to share them. 

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Just bought one and it

Just bought one and it arrived today....cannot wait to use it.  I have seen an interesting YouTube video from an lawn mower repair guy who just fills the tank up with water.  But he puts the parts for cleaning into plastic or glass containers (with a lid) and fill the containers with cleaning solutions.  He used 3 different petrol, degreaser and washing up liquid according to what he wanted to clean.  It worked a treat and avoided having to wash out the tank every time and used less cleaning solutions....I thought it was a great idea.



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There is some discourse at

There is some discourse at post 194-196 here - > https://www.oldlawnmowerclub.co.uk/forum/history-and-technical/technical/first-ever-restoration-suffolk-super-colt-lots-questions?page=3

They are a worthwhile tool - but not the panacea to every carburettor issue!