Atco villiers piston and exhaust questions

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Atco villiers piston and exhaust questions

Stupidly I forgot to make note of which way round the piston goes in the engine of my 14/57. I found a pic that I think has it with the slope facing towards the exhaust side. Is that right?

Secondly, what were the pepper pot exhausts stuffed with. Metal shavings? If so, what metal and can you source it?


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Yes the slope goes towards

Yes the slope goes towards the exhaust port .


The pepperpot silencers were never filled with anything ( but oil and carbon)  Personally I would not use wire wool or similar as there is a risk of bits being drawn into the exhaust port.  There was a baffle tube inside in line with the exhaust port originally  but these were flimsy things and may have been removed/ damaged/ gone missing by now. I wouldn't worry as the noise is not bad. I have fitted  another disc of metal with 1/8 inch holes in it. spaced behind the cover  with a couple of washers, which silences it a bit if need be.

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Certainly  NO wire wool. It

Certainly  NO wire wool. It burns quite spectacularly !