ATCO 14 - spring required?

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ATCO 14 - spring required?

Hi all,

Finally managed to get my Atco 14 running, took a while, at one point I thought I had no spark etc.. then perseverance paid off. She now starts with a few kicks. 

Need a clutch (I think?) and I need to give a few things a clean, but.. she works and I am pleased.

anyway - I noticed that when I was kick-starting her, the lever seems to bounce on its return. I was wondering if there should be another spring to pull the Lever up after the kick?

see my pic..

what do you think? - Can anyone recommend where I can get a suitable spring? I think its needed.....






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The spring already fitted

The spring already fitted should act to return the kick start lever to it's disengaged position at the top of its travel . I wonder if the spring is broken or fitted incorrectly . One end should bear against the pin on the lever with the notch and the other end against the shaft at the top of your arrow . Looking at the lever it looks too low already. More photos from other the spring side may help. Can you see both ends of spring ?