Atco Balmoral Electric Starter Wiring Diagram

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Atco Balmoral Electric Starter Wiring Diagram

Hi guys,

Hopefully this finds it's way to someone much more in the knowledge than myself. I've been restoring a lovely little 20SE which, finally, I think I've managed to get mechanically sound. When I got it the electric starter worked like a charm (shamefully the rest didn't) but now the tides have turned and the bloody thing will not crank for me.

I've (re)charged the battery and the meter says between 12 and 13 volts in there.. (I would think enough for a cough, even if the battery isn't that good)... I've tested the switch with the meter, all systems go... but I'm wondering about the full wiring diagram.

Looking at the key switch wire, at the plug end, you'll see a clip big enough for four pins, but only three pins inside. Black, White and Red. Difficult to describe, but here goes....

1 (2)

3  4

There is no pin where "2" is...

1 and 3 connect when the key is turned and, with the battery connected theres 12 volts between pin 1 and 4. So presumably the key switch bridges power to the output at pin 3.

The other side of the wiring diagram, the starter side, there's a thick red wire going into the starter... a thin red wire that disappears under the engine cover and a thick black wire, grounded I think?

I'm eager to know if anyone has a proper wiring diagram so I can double check where everything is supposed to go... including the thin red wire that disappears under the cover.... (Can't see that one).

At lease if I feel confident it's all wired properly I can put the problem down to the battery... but with all the work I cannot discount something came loose somewhere.

All help appreciated.

Thanks all