Atco Cylinder Cutting Blade Removal

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Atco Cylinder Cutting Blade Removal

Hi, I think I am one step away from removing the cylinder cutting blade from my 1956 Atco Lawnmower.

I'm now struggling to remove the final cog that will hopefully release the spindle from the frames. Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Phil



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Hopefully someone knows the

Hopefully someone knows the answer, but from your image there appears to be two options. The first is that ratchet wheel is splined or keyed  onto the the end of the cutting cylinder. To test if that is the case try prying it off with a couple of tyre levers or a two / three leg puller.If the latter make sure to protect the end of the shaft from damage by the centre shaft of the puller. The second option is that the ratchet wheel is screwed to the cutting cylinder shaft. If that is the case it will almost certainly be left hand threaded, meaning that it will unscrewed clockwise. If it is screwed your problem will be gripping it without damaging it.  How you tackle that depends upon what equipment you have and how brave you are.