Locking washer?

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Scott S
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Locking washer?

Good evening, 

I am in the process of renovating a 1968 hayterette and a couple wheels have a selection of washers and E clips (if that's the correct name) holding them on.. I strongly do not believe that they are original! 

But a couple of wheels have this type of retaining clip/washer. Can anyone tell me what they are and if they are easily obtainable, as I have not seen them before? 


Many thanks in advance. 


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Hi, I don't know what these

Hi, I don't know what these clips are called but I have seen them on many edging shears such as Bahco Pradines and Sandvik Pradines. They are to keep tension whilst holding the blades together. Don't know if that helps at all. Sean

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They were standard issue on

They were standard issue on older Hayterettes but went obsolete from Hayters a long time ago. May be worth searching on some of the specialist fastener co's sites , such as Namrick.