Restoration of a Dennis Z mower

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Restoration of a Dennis Z mower

I bought my current house in 1996.  With came a Denniz Z Type mower which was still in regular use.  I made sure that it was included with the house and I continued to use it for a few more years.  I can't remember now why I stopped using it but it has been out of commission for around 20 years.  I now want to get it back into service and it needs quite a rebuild.  Sadly I don't have the time to do it myself so I am trying to find someone who specialises in restoring or at least reinstating such mowers.  A few years ago I am sure that I found on the web a company that specialised in Dennis restorations, but they never answered my email and I can't find them now so I presume that they have gone out of business.  Could anyone out there point me to a company or person who could do this work?

I also wonder if someone could help me date the machine, it's serial number is 11,326.

Many thanks