Mower Colours


This section contains a list of mowers and the colour to use when restoring them. Information is only added after it has been checked and verified by at least two members of the club to help ensure accurate colour matches.

We cannot guarantee that the colours specified are an exact match to the original "ex-factory" colours. We only list machines where it has been possible to check original paintwork against appropriate colour "swatches". However, the colour of paint can change slightly over the time spans involved.

Make Model Cutting Width Years Cutter Colour Frame Colour
Atco De Luxe 1930s 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco De Luxe N Type 16 1934 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Heavyweight 1930s 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard "Oval Frame" 22 1921 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 12 HY 12 1929-33 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 14 and HY 14 1926-31 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 14 and HY 14 1926-31 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 16 16 1923-31 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 18 18 1926-31 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 22 22 1922-33 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 24 24 1929-1931 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 30 30 1926-31 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Atco Standard 30 30 1923-1926 1085Y85R S5040G30Y
Automower Various 1920s-30s Red S8020G30Y
Dux Dux 1930s S2060G40Y
Excelsior Monarch 1930s Red J3.38.32
Folbate J1 1950s S3560G30Y
Greens Various Greens Pre-1930
Greens Various John Deere Green
Hilltop 1920s S5540G20Y
Invincible 1930s S4040G30Y
JP Various 1945-61 BS381 C223 Medium Bronze Green
JP Various 1961-70 BS381 C222 Light Bronze Green
Lloyds Pennsylvania 1900-40 Red K1.44.23
Mowrite 1920s S6030B70G
Pierce 1920s S6030B70G
Qualcast Sixteen 16 1937-47 Red S4040G30Y
Ransomes Patent Chain Automaton 1900-30 Red S4030G30Y
Ransomes Various Red John Deere Green
Ransomes Various Red Ransomes Green
Shanks Jehu 20 1922 Red S6030G30Y
Tondix 1950s 1085Y85R


Many older mowers were painted using lead based paints that are no longer generally available and we advise collectors to use a modern synthetic finish to obtain appropriate results.

We have chosen the Natural Colour System (NCS) notation to provide colour information because it is widely supported by paint manufacturers and suppliers. The colours we suggest are our best estimate based on examination of mowers in original condition to obtain a match using NCS colour cards. The NCS logo is a trademark of the Scandinavian Colour Institute AB. NCS - Natural Colour System and the NCS notations are the property of the Scandinavian Colour Institute AB.

Where an NCS number is not given, the notes column will show which manufacturer's code or name is used. An alternative NCS reference is given wherever possible.

In some cases a simple name may be given for the colour (eg red). In these cases, any suitable colour can be used. Red, for example, is often used for cutting cylinders and other moving parts. Signal Red or Post Office Red is often a close enough match for most applications.