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Ransomes on BBC's Great British Railway Journeys

Ransomes was recently featured on an episode of Great British Railway Journeys when Michael Portillo visited the company's factory in Ipswich.

The original programme (Series 5, Episode 17, Ipswich to Chelmsford) was broadcast on BBC2 on Tuesday 28 January. The full programme is available on iPlayer until Friday 7 February.

Mervin The Magic Mower

Australian club member Drew Maywald, author, retired teacher and corporate writer, has written a series of children’s stories about a lawn mower called Mervin the Magic Mower. The mower is based on a Scott Bonnar model 33 which Drew’s kids loved in the 1980s and used to drag a cart around the yard while they mowed the lawn.
The first of Drew’s beautifully illustrated stories was published in late December 2013 and is called Mervin the Magic Mower.  In this book, young Tom Goode rescues a battered old lawn mower from the scrap heap. Once restored by Mr Pickle, the mower is discovered by Tom to be a magic mower that is able to talk – but only Tom knows this.
The second book about the adventures of Tom and Mervin, due to be published in early February, is called Mervin Mows the Park. In this book the reader discovers that Mervin has other magical powers, because at night he performs a community service by mowing the lawns of people who cannot mow their lawns, perhaps through age or illness.
With more than 15 stories to be illustrated these books are a great read, and enjoyed by children and adults. The books can be purchased at http://www.mervinthemagicmower.com.au
Mervin the Magic Mower also has his own Facebook page with many photos of old mowers and wonderfully humorous poems about mowers. If members send a photo of people using an old mower to Drew with some background information about the photo, his wife and editor Helen will write a poem about them and post it on Mervin’s Facebook page.


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