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See You At MKM

Our Annual Rally is taking place at Milton Keynes Museum this weekend. Club members will be arriving from Friday afternoon onwards to display their latest acquisitions and restoration projects and to meet each other. Some will be coming for the first time while others were at our first annual rally over twenty years ago.

More members will be arriving on Saturday to join in the fun and, weather permitting, there will be a chance to operate some ancient mowers on the museum's large grass areas. There's even a competition for the best working mower seen over the weekend.

Sunday will be the busiest day of the weekend when most members will be attending. In addition to the displays and working areas we're also holding an auction and competitions. The weekend is rounded off by our AGM which will include the election of officers and committee for the next year and the presentation of prizes and awards.

We hope as many members as possible will be at the museum at some point over the weekend. Have a safe journey and have a great weekend.

Can You Spot The Difference?

We're inviting our members to bring "catalogue" mowers to our Annual Rally at Milton Keynes Museum next weekend. Catalogue mowers are machines made by a manufacturer on behalf of another company such as an agent or retailer who then sells them as their own, usually with a name cast into the wheels or on a badge mounted on the handles. Often these mowers were sold through mail-order catalogues, which is why we refer to them using this name.

Catalogue mowers at one of our shows.

There are lots of examples around and it's possible to find almost identical mowers in different colours and with different names. Sometimes it's only the name on the wheels that's different. Come along to our annual rally and see if you can spot any mowers like this.


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