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Annual Rally This Weekend

Old Lawnmower Club members from all over the UK (and a few from overseas) will be at Milton Keynes Museum this weekend for the club's annual rally. We expect there will be over 200 lawn mowers on show over the weekend and around 100 members attending. This is the club's 21st annual rally since we formed the club at the first event in 1990. Some of the original members will be there again this year.

The event is open to the public from 11am to 4.30pm on Saturday and Sunday. The museum charges for admission and details are included on its own website.

20th Anniversary Rally Next Weekend

The weekend of 15/16 May marks the 20th anniversary of our first ever Annual Rally. Since our first event in 1990 we've always held the rally at Milton Keynes Museum and this year is no exception. Over the weekend we'll be displaying hundreds of mowers of all ages from the 1830s right through to the 1980s, so there's bound to be something for every collector and enthusiast.

Our first club rally in May 1990 was attended by fewer than 30 club members but next weekend we're expecting over 100 to call in at some stage. The event is open to the public from 11am to 4.30pm on each day.


New Collectors Join Long Term Enthusiasts

We thought it would be interesting to know how long site visitors have been collecting old mowers. Of course many visitors are not collectors so it's no surprise that the majority of respondents fall into this category. However, it is interesting that broadly as many people have been collecting for less than one year as those who have collected for more than 20 years. Our club celebrates the 20th anniversary of our first annual rally this year and many of the people who were present at that event will be there again in 2010. We have many long-term "founder members" but equally the number of new members joining each year reflects the ongoing popularity of this hobby. The full results of the poll are included below.

Smaller Collections Preferred By Most Collectors

Our latest visitor poll has just finished and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular size of collection was between 2 and 10 mowers. Almost one half of voters have collections in this range and a further quarter have just one mower in their collection. It's difficult to say whether the size of collections is dictated by available storage space, length of time collecting or simply the good sense not to keep adding more and more machines. Interestingly, slightly more people claim to have collections of over 50 machines (20 people) than those owning 11-50 (14 people). We know that some members have collections comprising well over 100 machines... The full results of the poll are included below.


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