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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual Rally Auction 2011

This is a list of items entered for the club's annual rally auction.

12" Ransomes Patent Chain Automaton
Lloyds Autoscythe
12" Atco De Luxe, 1930s
18" Hayn Electric, 1950s/60s
Ransomes Certes Mk10
10" Presto Rollmo
Qualcast Panther
Webb Whippet c/w box
14" Atco Lightweight
24" Ransomes Matador, 1950s
14" Qualcast Commodore c/w box
Qualcast 16"" 1938 sales brochure, colour, 20x8"
Shanks 1935 sales pocket booklet, 36pp, 3x5"
Royal Enfield sales brochure, shows 5 models, 12x16"
Ransomes 1966 sales brochure, shows 7 models, 23x8"
Webb Miniature, no box
Webb Miniature, less handles and box
Ransomes Certes Mk 8
Ransomes Conquest
Arundel Coulthard Presto Motor Mower
12" JP Super c/w box
Webb Whippet c/w box
24" Greens motor mower, 1950s, c/w box
Atco kick start, 1950s, c/w box restored and stored
Sidewheel hand mower
14" Ransomes Certes
14" Ransomes Astral
Ransomes hand mower
14" Royal Enfield
Pair Ransomes Mk2 two stroke, sold as one lot, for restoration
Pair Tarpen Grassmaster electric trimmers, sold as one lot
Tarpen Generator, 1950s
20" Ransomes Mk2 Motor Mower for restoration, purchased as a kit of parts.
10" Ransomes New Automaton, early restoration.
20" Royal Enfield motor mower with grass box and roller seat
12" Shanks Caledonia, late 1890s, original condition.
Lloyds Pennsylvania Moto mower 1937
12ā€ Mitchell Motor Mower made in Nottingham an extremely rare 1934 machine.
12" Webb Witch, 1930s, c/w box
12" Flexa, 1930s, c/w box
12" Greens SM Junior, c1930s, c/w box
18" Atco Standard in very good original condition
Brit made sidewheel, late 1930s, good order c/w box
12" Royal Enfield motor mower, c1934, gear driven
17" JP Super Mk5 motor mower
12" Ransomes Ace Mk1,Ā  c 1930s
12" Brit Ideal sidewheel, c1920s
12" Shanks Britisher, restored, c/w box, carriage plate and spanner
12" Qualcast ā€œEā€ c/w box, original condition, ex David Halford Collection
12" JP Super, c1920s
10" Ransomes Anglia, c1930s
12" Follows and Bates J2 mint original condition c/w box
Ransomes Ripper c1950s
15" Pennsylvania sidewheel, US built, c1890s, complete and working.