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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

17" Kickstart Clutch

My 1956 17" Atco Kickstart runs ok but the clutch seems to slip as soon as I try to cut grass. I have adjusted the lever and also the spring but it still slips. Must I replace the plates or can they be reconditioned? Where can I obtain the necessary assistance or parts for this?


redfernmowers Mon, 10/09/2012

as far as the clutch parts go, you may be able to acquire the parts through Brian radam atht e lawnmower museum. give him a ring on 01704 501336. he may have those parts to hand.

other than that, it's an ebay job either finding another kickstart machine or a clutch system.

To my memory, it's possible to recondition a clutch on the old atco's but it's fiddly work. Is the shaft and spring assembly in good order? I.E not covered in muck, rust, etc which would affect the travel of the clutch? I'm not so up on these old clutches  as I've only take on a few of the old atcos in the past, but I should say, with a little faith, patience, lubrication, etc, you should be fine.

Good luck.


wristpin Tue, 11/09/2012

Been a while since I've worked on one of those but a couple of things come to mind - check them in conjunction with the attached parts diagram.

The R361 screw (they call it a pin?!) had a habit of undoing (something at the back of my mind says that it may have had a left hand  thread). put a drop of Loctite on it.. The shims H322/323 - use as needed, are there to stop the clutch basket floating about.The split pin R334 needs to be in good order - have replaced these with a better fitting roll pin  - make sure that there is enough sticking out each side of the H385 square driver to support the H384 disc.