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1922 ATCO standard - Transfers and brass tank ?

Hi all, (this is my first mower restoration) .... two questions ... I'm a good way through a full restoration of a 1922 Atco Standard, 16 inch model (it had no paint left on it what so ever when I got it from the scrap man) so the decision of a full restoration was an easy one ..

Anyway... I've looked at, and google'd lots of Atco standards, and cant seem to find a definitive answer as to exactly what transfer go where and what set I need to order from here .. I've seen so many variations.

Secondly, mine has a brass fuel tank, would that have been left in the polished brass finish from the factory or should it be green ?  ....

Thanks very much, any help very appreciated !



olcadmin Tue, 08/11/2011


Good to have you on board with the forum. You have probably seen the list of transfers we have available:

To complete the restoration you'll two each of the following:

AT03 - The Atco Motor Mower. One goes on the fan guard, the other on the front of the grass box...

AT04 - Atco CHP Round. One goes on the tool box lid, the other on the front of the grass box, below the Atco Motor Mower design...

AT14 - Atco Standard Tank. One on each side of the tank.

The last one of these is a recent addition to our selection. It was used on the mowers in the early to mid 1920s but after that it was replaced by the design we call "Atco Normal". You'll find plenty of mowers with this later design because, as far as we know, if one of the early machines went back to Atco for a service and re-spray they then applied the later design.

The tank should be painted.

Anyone wanting to access the designs of the transfers will need to be logged on to the site.


Mike Wed, 09/11/2011

Thanks for that Keith, .... have emailed Bernard to get the ball rolling ....

all the best