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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

1950's Atco 14" lightweight spares

I have spares for a 1950's 14" Atco Lightweight if you need anything, ... everything super cheap ...  thought i'd offer it on here first to help anybody out, before i chuck it all on ebay


Villers engine £10.00 (turns freely, not tested)

Exhaust good condition £5.00

Carb, very good condition £5.00

Everything else couple of quid ...

Let me know if you need anything, and I'll see if i have it.

(fuel tank sold already)

Wooden rollers complete assembly in good condition. £5.00

or take the whole lot (in bits, so easy to load) for 20 quid, pretty much complete, less fuel tank.

Collection from southampton area.

All the best ...