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2-stroke mix


I need your advices on the correct 2-stroke mix for my 1920's Atco Standard 16.Also,do i remember advice given on type of oil needed for an old engine.?Some of the modern day equivalents being unsuitable.Thanks.


wristpin Tue, 15/04/2014

Modern synthetic and semi synthetic mixing oil are fine for modern engines with frictionless bearings and proper oil seals etc but for a vintage engine you need a vintage spec oil in vintage proportions.

The oil recommended at the time was probably a straight SAE 30 or 40 non detergent  oil. These spec and grade oils are available from the specialist blenders such as Morris and Millers  and are possibly pitched towards vintage car owners but will be non- detergent mono grades. However Millers do a specific brew for vintage motor cycles many of which had Villiers two stroke engines similar to the one in your Atco.. I use Millers Classic CM 2T at a ratio of 16:1.


vanjim50 Tue, 15/04/2014

Many thanks Wristpin.I will do some investigating to see if i can order it online.

Thanks again.   Jim.

vanjim50 Wed, 16/04/2014

Further to my enquiry,i have been in touch with Miller Oils.They tell me they have transferred some of their oils to other distributors.

Anyone requiring 1 litre of Classic CM 2T Mineral oil should now deal with Woodcote Automotive in Knutsford on 01565 653 658

Should you require 5 Litres,then Opie Oils are the providers on 01209 215 164 or

Hope this helps.