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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

2 x Atco mowers available

Hello all


I have been contacted by Rob Thompson, his note below is self explanatory, if interested contact him direct via email


"I have 2 old Atco lawnmowers here that I need to find a new home for and wonder if they may

be of some interest / use to you. I acquired both of them some years ago to save them from being

scrapped and with the possible intention of restoring them at some point. It now seems unlikely

that I shall find time to restore them, so maybe they should go to someone else.

Both mowers have been dry stored here for approx 25 years. The engines of both are free to turn,

but neither has a grass box. The larger ( Atco Standard ? ) has a piece broken out of the roller on

the left side - viewed from the rear. The cylinder widths for the small and large mower are 12 inches

and 22 inches respectively.

I am located in Shropshire - near to Shrewsbury - SY4 1DB."