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My father has recently aquired what he believes is a ACTO 1765 (MADE BY CHARLES H PUGH).  As he has recently retired he plans to restore the mower.   Someone recently advised that the engine that was on the mower was not the correct one, however they did not know what the correct engine was.  I was hoping someone here could advise on this.  I have attched some pictures that will hopefully shed some light on the situation.  Thank you for your time.


HenryB Sat, 30/03/2013

Hi,  Your lawn mower is fitted with a Suffolk 75G14 4 stroke engine, this is most probably the correct engine for the mower, however, looking at the colours of the engine, it was previously fitted to a Suffolk lawn mower. Your machine was made in 1965. The engine's colour should be the same as the mower body.      Henry

wristpin Sat, 30/03/2013

1765 = 17", 1965. Agree that the engine type is probably correct but the original would have been green to match the chassis.

geeza1985 Thu, 04/04/2013

Thank you so much for all your help.  As the engine should be green does anyone know if the cutters should be too ?.  

Does anyone know where he can source paint for this that is the correct colour ?  Will we need to contact ACTO directly?

And finally does anyone know what stickers should be on this mower and where to get these?

Thanks again for your fast responses.

wristpin Fri, 05/04/2013

Central Spares,01202 882000, do Atco green in both aerosols and tins. Cutting cylinder should be red - again, Central do "bright Cylinder Red" in both aerosols and tins.

Good source of transfers is Dave "Titch" Sanders , 01785 284701

Atco as such no longer exist, they were taken over by Bosch who latterly sold the Atco name to Global Garden Products (GGP) who anongst others own the Stiga, Mountfield and Castel Garden brands but the last Atco range of machines is being manufactured by Allett and sold as Alletts because they don't own the Atco name!!