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Adjusting the clutch on my D7 ATCO.

Hi all wonder if  you can help .

What is the correct way of adjusting the clutch on my mower , as the clutch is engaged ,

Even when it is meant to be out . I  have a constant drive to the blades  and roller , 


wristpin Fri, 14/02/2014

Quite often the inability to achieve correct "adjustment" on those clutches stems from a failed or partially failed split pin holding the drive dog to the clutch shaft within the clutch body. Other possibility is that the R361 countersunk screw in the end of the clutch shaft has started to become undone. (years since I've been into one but somrthing is saying that screw may be left hand thread) . Worth a quick strip and inspection before driving yourself nuts trying to adjust against a moving target.

Motivator Fri, 14/02/2014

Many thanks for the info and the diagram.  You co6ld well be right. As I have constant engagement of the clutch . Since I changed the doughnut last year have had this issue.

Perhaps I do need to strip it down and have another look.




Oldbilly Thu, 02/07/2015

I have seen several comments on the screw inside the clutch housing,  It is always supposed that it is a left hand screw ...  The screw tightens clockwise and loosens Anti-clockwise.