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Age of Suffolk Punch.

Hi all,

I have just bought a Suffolk Punch mark 7 mower as I have wanted one since i was a boy. However, I was wondering if there is a manufacturing date to be found anywhere on the mower, not for any reason, just curiosity?  thanks.

atcocrazy Sun, 08/08/2010

I'm not aware that the Punch MK VII machines were ever date stamped, despite owning two or three examples and having the odd one in for repair. The only stamping I can recall was on the Right Hand Side Plate (looking from behind the mower); there was a number on top of the casting starting with L. At one time, this may have given information to the agents about the origins of the mower. However, what I can't remember was whether this number was the actual chassis mower number or purely a part number. I did know but have since forgotton!

If there are any date stamps I'm sure that these will have been added by repair agents..but I've never seen any, only stick-on labels!

The engine has a different number, of course, despite also being made by Suffolk, assuming that it is original. Also bear in mind that when machines went in for servicing, parts were often swapped between machines!

I do know that the MK VII machines date from the mid 1960s and they were also unique in design to the 14" size. The 14" size seemed to go through more changes than any other size.


Stephen Smith