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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Allen Scythe.

I've recently found an old version with the Kohler 4 stroke engine fitted via an adaptor plate.Stripping is well under way-restoration is for light use only-The drive wheels have ratchet sections which allow one or other wheel to drive/freewheel for manouverability.

The main question is how to remove the long key which fits the ratchet onto the axle.One side pulled out by using a tapered chisel,but the second one doesn't move even with heat and a specially made wedge which I've made to be a good fit under the head of the key.

I also need a starter ratchet assembly and carburettor for the engine.

Can anybody help please.John



hillsider Thu, 07/10/2010

Hi and welcome to the forum,

    It seems as though you have tried all of the obvious things to remove the key,  apart from regular applications of penetrating fluid for a while and then trying again the only other  things that I have seen are to drill  and tap a thread in the end of the key to take a bolt or a length of studding so that you can either rig up a puller or a slide hammer to try to remove the key. 

    If you are successful in getting some tension applied to the key it may help to try knocking the hub on to the shaft away from the key,  this may sound strange but it sometimes helps to release the stuck key from its taper. Don't overdo the big hammer though or you may get the hub off in more that one part!!

Re the Kohler engine there are a couple of links contained in the Club section of this site that may be of help . Or you could try Meetens engines they are usually very helpful and I beleive they deal with Kohler engines

Good luck