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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Allen Scythe

I have recently come into possession of an Allen Scythe with the Villiers 25C engine.  It has not been started in 15 years but has ben kept inside and looks pretty reasonable.  I plan to start stripping and cleaning soon.  I have a new gasket set and a handbook.  Any tips?

wristpin Wed, 04/07/2012

I see no point in tearing anything apart for the fun of it so this is what I would do.

Presume no spark, hopefully only dirty contact breaker points . You can try cleaning and adjusting "through the window" and see if you can get a spark. If not you will have to dig deeper which means removing the flywheel but before you do gen up on timing and timing marks and make sure that they are there.

Got a spark. Fuel tank and carb are probably gungey so give the fuel system a good clean.

Now got spark and clean fuel system -   put a bit of oil down the bore and rotate a few times with the plug out .

Make up a petrol oil mix using a non-detergent SAE 30 oil  - not a modern synthetic two stroke mixing oil and not a high detergent 30 sold for modern mower engines.. Castrol XL was one of the original recommended oils and it is still available but most oil blenders sell a low detergent 30 for the classic car and bike brigade.

Now try your luck but be prepared for the neighborhood to be obscured by smoke!!!!!

Now you've got a running machine you can go back over it and do the paint etc  and if you want to strip it right down and examine everything, you will at least know that it went before you started!