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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

American Lawnmower Trading Cards

I stumbled on this web page whilst doing a bit of research & thought it might interest other members. There are 20 trading cards shown with some information on each. Some are of mowers that I was aware of, but others are completely new to me including a rather interesting looking ride on pony mower.

Clive1997 Thu, 11/08/2011

Thanks for that, I have collected a few trade cards over the last couple of years & I too found the site by chance when searching for info re my New Excelsior which I am told is a model known as the Golf, very similar design to the roller mower on the cards but I believe mine is a bit later say 1895-1900.

Must stop collecting & start restoring, liked your article Joe, my partner Mary has recently undertaken an audit & says she knows exactly how many mowers I have in our garage/workshop & she will be checking again. (Dont think she's aware of my 3 sheds at work!!!).

Could be an idea for a competition at next years rally, 'How to disguise a mower' to fool your wife/partner!!!!!

hillsider Sat, 13/08/2011

I don't have any trade cards myself but certainly think that they form an important part of our hobby, as with many older advertising posters etc the artwork on them is very impressive.

Re your comment `Must stop collecting and start restoring' I follow the principle that restoration if it is neccessary can follow at a later date,  the important thing is to preserve by storing safely. Many of the mowers that I have collected are not particularly old but have been saved from destruction.

I have an understanding with my wife and daughter that so long as the mowers are housed in the my sheds and do not stray indoors then don't worry about how many I have.

On a slightly more serious note though, I have suggested who they should contact in order to dispose of the collection in the event of anything happening to me rather than calling in the scrap man!!