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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

andrew lawn edge trimmer

I've just bought an Andrews Lawn Trimmer on ebay, the engine is a J.A.P model 'O' type 28.

after cleaning the carb and fuel tank plus sharpening the blade its now back to its former glory.

Can any one help me to find out a little more about this trimmer, it must be from the middle to late fifties as I know (I had one) that Andrew changed to a battery powered version in the early 60's (The Andrews Spin Trim) this used two 6volt lead acid motorbike batteries and came with a charger.

I would love to know a little more about how successful they were (I have never seen one like this before and can't find any mention of it on the internet or in any books I have).

Looking forward to any replies.

Thank You


Dayton Wed, 23/06/2010

Sorry man wish I could help but never heard of them in my life.

 I am haveing the same problem with my Dayton push mower I want to know more about it but can find anything on them.

oldiron Thu, 24/06/2010

Im affraid that i kno nothing about these and i actually have never heard of them.Any chance of posting some pictures,it may get some responses then. And i always love to see pictures of any machines.

greengrass Wed, 14/07/2010

! have a battery operated Spintrim mouldering away in the back of my garage. It worked after a fashion but I never managed to finish all the edges before the charge ran out!  I think Bob Andrews Ltd  has gone bust but the address I have for them is:- Pontiac Works, Farnbank Road, Ascot, Berks.

hillsider Thu, 15/07/2010


I did not  make the connection before but after seeing the reply from Greengrass the penny has dropped. Try contacting Didcot Plant Ltd they have taken over the Bob Andrews/Allen Turf Doctor and there is just a chance that they may know something about who if anyone has parts or info for your machine.

Good luck with the search.