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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual Rally 2013

Just back from and settled down after a fine day out in the glorious sunshine surrounded by some fantastic mowers. I have posted my pictures on my mower related Face book pages which are at:

The shot I missed was the two Climax mowers side by side (multiple Climax, indeed.....) so if anyone has this photo I'd be delighted to add it on.

See you next year!

Clive1997 Mon, 20/05/2013

Nice pic's Joe, image of double Climax on its way to you direct & copy posted below, I remember one member saying he would like to have one of their off-spring if they happen to breed !!!!!

Thanks to all for making it a great weekend, already working on a novelty for next year, but hard to beat 'The Budding'