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Atco Royale B24 Professonal

Hi All,

Hello, I'm new. I have an Atco Royale B24 Professional mower, 1995 from the plate on the side with a 5hp B&S engine. It has the trailer and I look very happy mowing the garden trying to learn to get triple wide stripes without too many random U turns because I've got out of sync with my directions. Surprisingly two large glasses of wine and one beer on the mower and I seem less prone to extra laps around the outside to make sure the stripes are good.

However - the sprag clutch which disengages the drive to the blade appears worn, and now when I try and drive the blades hardly turn and I get a fast  click-click as the sprag seems to bounce over the dogs. Being 110kg its hard to lift onto a proper roller and review in the garage so I am assuming a little here.

When not drunkenly mowing on my private property I race F3 cars (sober). I also build the engines and gearboxes and so I think I am mechanically sound. I attach a sprag clutch photo - the dogs are rounded and worn.

Where would I find a replacement to the two parts? Obviously its been case hardened, so to grind new dogs wont last as I'll wear through what is probably fairly thin chemical hardening. By taking the top hat washer that holds the retaining spring in place and putting it on backwards I can (probably for the short term) lock the clutch up but, its not a fix is it?



wristpin Tue, 27/07/2021

You may get half a reply as I got interrupted by an incoming FaceTime.

you can try dressing the teeth of the sprocket and collar dogs but you’ve probably noticed that they are undercut so that they drag themselves into mesh. Nothing to loose so A Dremel or 1 mm cutting disc on an angle grinder might buy some time.

New parts are probably still available as your machine is still made and marketed as an Allett Buckingham. Be prepared for a severe hit to the wallet.

May be worth trying OLC member Jon Cruse of The Hailsham Mower Centre  - he carries a lot of new/ old stock .