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Need a new drive chain

Hello Everybody, I think I have an Atco B17" lawn mower that requires a new drive chain (from the main engine drive sprocket to the blade socket) and I am having difficulty identifying and sourcing a new chain. the existing chain has stretched to such an extent that the tension-er will not operate, the chain is stamped RS38 and is 25 inner links long also has an extra 11/2 link fitted that does not seem correct as there are now two split pins fitted. any help would be gratefully received.

wristpin Wed, 15/09/2021

The chain, engine to cutter, F016L10721, 52pitch, is Standard Imperial size 1/2 BS chain. Your description of the extra links and inability to tension it suggests that at some point someone has tried to get the last bit of use from a worn bottom blade ( possibly with a many times reground cylinder) and had to add the extra chain to allow the two to meet.

No need to buy the mower manufacturers part which will be mega priced, just go to your local bearing and transmission factor and they will chop the appropriate length from bulk.

EDIT. Suppose that I should have said, just discard the extra links !