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Jp Super or Ransomes Ajax mk5

Hi just interested to hear which one people would prefer for regular use ,I have a 1948 Jp super and a Ramsomes Ajax mk5,The Jp feels like its four times heavier and limited to a closer cut ,But i like the fact that its 73 years old and still cuts perfect and would probably cost over a grand if it was new for sale today ,Also the quick to use height and blade adjusters were well thought out, But the Ajax is a lot lighter to push and a bit more user friendly on the lawn ,If i were to get rid of one i wouldnt no which one to keep so just thought i would ask for other views on the site,Thanks

Lee Smallwood Thu, 22/04/2021

 look at it this way, a mk 5 Ajax is easier to get hold of than a Super. So you keep the Super to see how you get on, if after a while you would rather the Ajax, it'll be easier to replace. Or keep both as they don't take up that much room and test both for a season, then report back to the forum with results. Me, it'll have to be the superior Super ADL

Oh but the ajax was the best selling mower for over 50 years, I think it's personal choice. 

Will Fri, 23/04/2021

For me the jp every time, especially if you have a box. 

one thing I note however is that virtually every jp I see the cylinder blades seem to be worn down to virtually nothing, I'm guessing they didn't come with much 'meat' on them in the first place?


bren4321 Sat, 24/04/2021

Thanks for the replies,Lee you are spot on about the availability of the ajax so I think that's the one to be going, unfortunately not enough room for both, and yes Will you are right the cylinder blades are rather low on the jp and also no box, but if I did get rid on the jp and regretted it I would probably find it near impossible to get hold of another one in the future, so thanks for the input.