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Any Atco standard owners near Epsom ?

I'm restoring an Atco standard 16". It's now fully dismantled and no major problems so far but it would be very helpful if there was another nearby owner who is familier with this machine. Anyone in / near Epsom, NE Surrey ?

oldiron Sat, 04/09/2010

Hi there,i am nowhere near you but i have restored these machines before so if i can be of any help with questions then feel free to ask on this thread. Ricky

roythegrass Thu, 09/09/2010

Hi Andy. I've only now been able to login here. Yes I had already seen those photos but thanks.  I have posted in the ideas for website section here expressing the hope the forum will include a projects section. You may have seen the projects section in VHGMC which, contrary to the admins assurances otherwise allows other members to post in the OP's project as it's updated. This then goes off at such a tangent that the OP gives up and one never sees an uninterrupted history of the restoration from start to finish. I've been keeping my own detailed written daily record of progress along with photos in the hope that it can be posted here before I finnish next spring.

If all else fails I'll post photos when the restoration is completed around April next year. 


roythegrass Thu, 09/09/2010

Thanks Ricky.

So far so good with no major problems. The machine is now fully dismantled into all it's componant parts each of which is being returned to 'as new'. The one exception being the rear drive roller where absolutely nothing will remove the centre ratchet/cog. That said it functions perfectly so will be restored as best I can. I'm sure I will encounter problems when the time comes for reassembly and will then be boring you with my questions !