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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Anyone know when were these two mowers made?

Hi all,

Does anyone know what year these two mowers were made?

These two fine mowers are in weekly use here on my property in Australia. They're both reliable, easy to start and certainly perform well. I've restored the Tomas Green & Son mower, and will soon also be restoring the Charles Pugh machine. I'm keen to know their something of their background, and especially what year they were made, 

We are hoping some kind people can assist regarding these two fine old mowers.

Kind regards,
Stephen and Mary

This is our "Thomas Green & Son 'Master' Light Weight Mower" Serial Number L4980

Thomas Green & Son Mower     

And, this is our Charles Pugh Ltd mower, Ref: 145458042

Charles Pugh P/L mower


Christopher Pr… Mon, 04/06/2012

The Green's was one of the most popular domestic motor mowers of the early 1950s, retaining the high sides of typical pre-war designs.  I can't give you a year of manufacture (no records survive of serial numbers, as far as I know), but the fact that the Greens name is in green rather than red suggests early (c. 1949 -52) rather than later (54-56).

The Atco is probably mid-late 1950s (there should be a brass plate on the side with a date code on it), and is typical of the new generation of light, very simple motor mowers pioneered by Atco from 1947.

StephenLee Mon, 18/06/2012

Thanks for your reply, Christopher. Very kind.

Both mowers start and run well, and as such, are a fine testament to British engineering. 

The Atco does not seem to have that tag. But, at times, it's had a hard life (as one can tell from the photo) so the loss of the tag is not at all surprising. Our only problem with the machine is that, being self-propelled, at anything more than half-throttle, it travels too fast to walk behind. Haha. So yes, if anything, it actually goes too well :-)

Anyway, thanks again, and all the best.


Stephen and Mary.