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Aspera parts?

Where is the best place to pick up aspera parts? Any help would be great! Many thanks.


Aled Tue, 30/04/2013

Depends what for in particular, but Aspera share a lot of parts with Tecumseh. There are a lot of new old stock and second hand Tecumseh parts on eBay.

Aaron Tue, 30/04/2013

I'm after a cylinder head and full air filter assembly. I've checked under both names and can't find anything on eBay. Is there any recommended stockists? Many thanks

wristpin Wed, 01/05/2013

Try Peter Elliott at Meadow Brook Enterprises 01296 614638 - he bought lots of Tecumseh/Aspera parts when Tecumseh UK closed down but that was a few years ago and the bits that you are after were obsolete way before that.

Cylinder head 21210004

Head gasket  29620003

Air filter assey (white) 13400001