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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers



I'm new here but really interested to know what mower I have.

Its a 20" Atco which has double blades,presumably for bowling greens? Villiers 2 stroke kick start engine, turned aluminium handle grips and aluminium grass box.

I have got it to run but know nothing about age or model.


I have tried to load pictures but it keeps saying upload fail. I can email pictures if this would help but need email addresses.


Hopefully hear from you soon

wristpin Mon, 08/10/2012

A standard cutting cylinder would have 6 blades - are you saying that yours has a 12 bladed cylinder?

Rest of the machine would be virtually the same as a standard 20" machine of that period.

Simon Taylor Mon, 08/10/2012

Will count tomorrow. What sort of date would this mower be? Early to mid 50's?

redfernmowers Tue, 09/10/2012

you're looking at a 10 blade fine finish mower probably early - mid 550's designed for bowling greens and fine lawns. sounds like you've a good unit there. So far I've had a small number of 10 blade units under restoration and they're nice to work with but need careful attention. saying that, they were either hayter, ransomes, dennis, etc.