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ATCO 1449 Issues

Hi All

I have inherited a lovely ATCO 1449 with a Villiers 2 stroke engine. The Carb has a 2.5 needle so I am trying to run on 20:1 mix.

It starts really well after a couple of kicks then when I rey and open the shutter ? it seems to be gasping for fuel and stops. The fuel is running nicely into the float chamber and I have made adjustments to the carb but to no avail. I have a spark but it is very orange.

I have ordered a new Spark Plug but I am not sure if this is carb/timing related.

Any guidance / assistance would be greatly appreciated.




wristpin Thu, 10/07/2014

Can you keep it running on part choke? If so the problem is almost certainly an obstructed or partially obstructed jet or passage in the carb. Strip and thoroughly clean with carb cleaner and blow through all jets etc. if you can find someone with an ultra-sonic tank, give it a half hour cook in that.

If  the carb is clean but you still have a problem, check for air leaks on the induction side of the engine and also around the crankshaft bearings.

Unless the flywheel has been removed it is unlikely that the timing will be out but to some extent correct timing relies on a correct points gap.

Davej31 Fri, 11/07/2014

Thanks Wristpin

I will have a play this weekend and see what happens.



Davej31 Fri, 11/07/2014

Many thanks Wristpin

I have just given the Carb a thorough clean and "It Works".

The carb did look clean but something must have been restricting the flow of fuel.

Thanks again