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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco 34" Groundsman

We have a 34" groundsman that we use regularly to mow our cricket pitch and it still works well.  However I recently read somewhere that you get get a 9 bladed cylinder for them.  This would give us a much better cut.  Any chance that one of you guys know where I could lay my hands on one?

wristpin Mon, 20/01/2014

Never seen a Groundsman with, or heard of anything other than the standard six bladed cylinder.. Looked through several parts books for G'men of varying ages and there is no mention of anything other than the standard item. I think that there is a clue in the name Groundsman -a machine for the wide open spaces, not a fine turf mower. I'm pretty sure that Atco never made anything other than the standard cylinder but it may be worth asking Garfitts whether they can make one. It may also be worth considering whether the machine would cope with more blades ; my guess is that at the very least you would have to mow twice a week in the growing season. I think that it would struggle with a fine cut cylinder and a once a week mowing regime .

Martin Hedges Mon, 20/01/2014

thanks for that Wristpin.  I must admit that I had my doubts.