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Atco clutch plates broken

I have an Atco 20" four stroke all in good working order except for the clutch which kept grabbing and getting hot when disengaged. On dismantling I discovered 2 out of the 3 clutch plates were in several bits and obviously this was creating too much friction. I am wondering if anybody knows where to get hold of replacements or who supplies these parts. Have been trying ebay for a while with no luck.  Any pointers to sourcing these would be very helpful.


wristpin Sun, 24/08/2014

You need to be more specific about what model you have or even better post an image of the machine and a broken  plate. 

The good news is that Atco used the same  two designs of clutch from the 1950s right through to present times and the former Atco machines are now manufactured by the Turfmech group under the Allett brand name. As far as I know they still use the same clutch plates although now probably  of asbestos free material.

Jon Mon, 25/08/2014

Hello. The mower is an Atco 20" kick start  with a villiers 20, 4 stroke engine from about 1950's. It has three plates inside the clutch housing of which 2 are broken. The plates are circular with a castle like outer edge. I have seen them on many other mowers and seems to be a common clutch type. I will upload some pictures soon if I can work out how to do so.

Jon Mon, 25/08/2014

This is the clutch mechanism showing the two broken plates. Is it still possible to obtain these? I will check out the Turfmech website.

wristpin Mon, 25/08/2014

The reason for asking for an image of the machine and not just the clutch is that Atco made two ranges, both with a 20" machine but with different sizes of a similar design of clutch. From your image of the clutch I think that yours is the heavier design with the larger plate but the attached image may help you to identify it.

Both sizes of plate are still available from garden machinery dealers.

The Atco machines still using those clutches are now made under the Allett banner; Bosch who owned Atco having sold the brand name to Global Garden Products (GGP) to use as they will, but the rights to manufacture the Atco range of cylinder mowers to Turfmech owners of Allett but with no right to call them Atco!!

Confusing enough now but imagine the confusion on this forum in fifty or more  year's time!


Jon Mon, 25/08/2014

Brilliant. That's all been very helpful, in particular the product codes. Thank you.