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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

atco Commodore B 17 delivery/deflector plate wanted.

Evening all,


First post, thank you for the pointers but Im stumped.

Tried Central Spares, have to have an account.

Kramp...same, got a dealer to ring them and no stock expected.


British Lawnmower museum were very sympathetic .."Ah they all go(Rust) there"

DIY as Old Lawnmower shop.

Well its not a turbine is it..? So,try local fabricators, a little roll and a kick please, Ill fettle the slots, no joy, so far Im drawing a  big zero.

Maybe I should have said it was for a Triumph motorbike.


Anyone got any avenues to peruse please....

Quest resolved, many thanks to those concerned.




Ill post a few pictures in the near future...




wristpin Sat, 07/06/2014

There were two patterns of delivery plate .

The early one used between approximately 1984 to 1987 was deeper and at its lower edge was sandwiched between the heavy "chassis stiffener" and the bottom blade carrier  - five cutouts in the lower edge. Pt no F016L09386 , not actually shown as obsolete but I suspect that it is.Last price listed £20.80 +vat

The later pattern is shallower with a plain lower edge and locates into a "pocket" spot welded to the chassis stiffener. Part no F016l32355, shown as obsolete. Last price £24.41+vat.

Take it from your comment about the slots that you have the early one. Surprised your local firm wouldn't make one but why not buy a piece of alloy or galvanised  sheet and make one yourself.

I have to admit to being a bit of a hoarder but the casing panels from the old central heating boiler plus the front panel off a redundant storage heater have all found use in repairing a wheelbarrow,  grass boxes etc; and the refractory bricks from the storage heater have made an excellent welding hearth!.

andy 7671 Sat, 07/06/2014

Thanks for the detailed information, main reason for not having a go is the curve, Ill try harder with custom fabricators next week. Ive had a few parts shot blasted, what with new bearings and a sharpen Id like it to be as good as new so it can be used to its full potential.


Thanks for the response.

Old Lawnmower … Mon, 09/06/2014

We conduct business in private, not in the spotlight of web forums.  If you are interested in our deflector plate, good, but it will only be supplied to you if you promise not to gossip about it on a forum.

andy 7671 Mon, 09/06/2014

Corrected, sorry if it upset you, just thought credit where credits due.

wristpin Tue, 10/06/2014

"We conduct business in private, not in the spotlight of web forums.  If you are interested in our deflector plate, good, but it will only be supplied to you if you promise not to gossip about it on a forum."

Me  thinks that the company doth protest too much!

(Apologies to William Shakespeare )

Bit of an own goal, I think!