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Atco D7 drive problem.

Hi all just a question , I recently changed the clutch doughnut on my Atco D7 .

All went well but now i have now drive to the rear roller , The cylinder spins ok,

Have i missed a trick . 



wristpin Sat, 06/07/2013

Can't see that changing the doughnut would affect the roller drive and not the cylinder drive as until the point where they separate at the out board end of the clutch shaft they share the drive from the doughnut, theough the clutch to the drive sprockets. So are you saying that until you had repaired the common drive (doughnut) you were unaware of a further fault in the roller drive or was it working until you replaced the doughnut?

I can't find a diagram of the drive but I'm guessing that the chain driving the rear roller does so via a freewheeling sprocket on the end of the roller shaft or even a manual dog clutch to allow the machine to be rolled around or used as a push mower for cutting  awkward places - so is something seized up there?

hillsider Sun, 07/07/2013

Thinking aloud here but what was the original reason for changing the coupling rubber? Also with the covers removed try turning the coupling shaft by hand and observe what happens to the drive. It seems as though the drive to the cylinder is ok by your description, but you should be able to see the point where you are losing drive to the land roller. I would not suggest that you power the mower to do this for the reasons of personal safety also possible damage to the mower.  Ray. 

Motivator Fri, 12/07/2013

Thanks for the replys fellas. Seems that the chain has slipped so have now got it, Back together.