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Atco Deluxe Information



This is my first post.  I have just become the owner of a rather old (although I don't know quite how old) mower which is marked as an Atco Deluxe 14.  It requires some parts (although I managed to get it running after cleaning up and resetting the points and plug gap) but I'm wondering if it's the original engine, because other mowers I see in photos on the net look different.  As such, can anyone advise whether this is the original engine (or what it is, if not) such that I can order the correct parts?  The assembly which links the pull-start mechanism to the main shaft thingy is missing, for example.

Also, do those chains look a bit loose?

Many thanks!




hillsider Thu, 07/10/2010

Hi and welcome to the forum.

    You  seem to have what looks like a good mower there,  the engine I would say is the original and the whole machine was I believe built by Qualcast for Atco who were by that time a Qualcast brand.

    The chains look ok but it is good idea to fit the connecting links with the closed end facing the direction of travel of the chain. I have found that if you try to take too much slack out of the chains they can bind up and put a strain on the bearings etc,  sometimes as you turn the chains by hand you will find that the tension can vary as it goes round. 

There are a couple of contacts in the club information section of this site that may be able to help with parts.