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I have acquired an ATCO HD2064 cylinder mower with a 20" cut - I'm assuming that's the model name - it's written on a small brass plaque titled Machine Reference.

It's been sat in my father in laws summer house for many years and hasn't run - so this weekend I set to on it.

First the fule was leaking everywhere - investigation found the cork bung to be at fault - temporarily fixed with rubber.

Fule line cracked and was replaced.

Clutch stuck in drive, now freed

It has a strange plastic on and off swith on the back, not sure if this is original or not - but under investigation, the wire inside it, had been taped up anyway

It still wouldn't start - I've cleaned the plug, but with fule leaked everywhere, I didn't check for a spark

Also it has no grass box - would I be able to get one somewhere? or does anyone have any sort of dimension so I could fabricate on?

I've attached a couple of pics. [correction - I can't find an attach button - will try to put the images on line tonight and link to them] it's basically the one with the petrol tank over the spark plug, then two seperate handles, with a metal plate bar as the clutch lever

Any further info (user manual would be brilliant) on this old beast would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like it'll be a real good mower if I can get it going - REALLY heavy!


hillsider Wed, 11/05/2011

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Hello and welcome to the OLC forum,

The link above should take you to an area of the site where you could find some useful information including a manual that hopefully is the one you are looking for. You appear to be doing all the correct things so good luck with getting the machine running again.

It will be good to see the pics when you get them on the forum.


riddler266 Thu, 12/05/2011

There was no manual for a '64 4 stroke ;-(

I'll keep plugging away.

Latest is no spark - I've ordered a new plug. But I tried a plug from a 2 stroke crosser in the mower and that didn't spark either. May need further investigation.

Any tips??



riddler266 Thu, 12/05/2011

OK - no spark but the spark plug works on another mower.

Decided to get some photos and have discovered it's a Villiers enginer - started to disassemble to get to the Mangeto - next I have no idea what to do!! any suggestions???

Photos are here - I'm no expert, but I've tried to show the key things -



hillsider Thu, 12/05/2011


I must admit that I am not familiar with this specific engine but I believe that the contact points are below the plastic cover held in place by the two spring clips. Removal of the cover should allow you to clean the points and inspect their condition but you may find that the points can only be gapped with the flywheel in place. via the small cover that can be rotated to provide access,

Unless someone posts better advice I would set the points at 15 thou and the plug at 0.20 thou and see what happens.

Hope my memory is serving me correctly it is a long while ago that I last saw a points arrangement the same as this so please keep us posted.


riddler266 Mon, 16/05/2011

I've set the points and replaced the plug - still no spark.

Also had a look in the carb - it's bone dry - should it have fule in there?

Aled Tue, 21/06/2011

On those villiers engines the magneto coils tend to die from moisture over time, especially fi they've not been used for a long time. There's three options, you can go to a site called and see if they have the coil from the engine in stock. Otherwise you can try baking the coil in an oven for 2 hours at 200 degrees and see if it works then, though this method is a bit sketchy and i've been told by one or two collectors that it dosen't work. The third option would be to have a coil wound for you.

By all means it may just be that the points aren't set up correctly, perhaps an enthusiast would like to shed some light on a better less costly option for replacing/repairing dead coils?