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Atco Light help needed

Hello All,

I have just been given an Atco lightweight 34" mower and haven't a clue how it all operates???(well it doesnt operate at the moment)

There is the ovbvious throttle control lever and another lever on the other side of the handlebars which I am not sure what this does (I guess this operates the clutch) There is also a metal footpedal that has a cog that engages with the drive from the engine. A villiers engine with a loose cord start and a cylindrical petrol tank.  I have a few questions that hopefully somebody knows the answers to. I have pulled it a few times and i can't seem to get a spark (its been been standing in a shed for a long time)...I have changed the spark plug but still no spark does anybody know if there is a cut off switch??? What would people suggest the next step to take to find out why there is no spark??? I am tempted to remove the engine so it makes working on it easier....I see the four bolts holding the engine to the frame is there alot more to be undone to remove the engine??

Thanks in advance for any help & advice

Cheers Ryan


hillsider Wed, 16/02/2011

Hello and wellcome to the OLC Forum,

Re your Atco you may  find the information that you are seeking contained within the Technical Help section of this webb page,  in particular  Home » General Technical Help » Villiers Magneto Rebuild

I am not 100% sure but I suspect that the engine you have will be very similar to that shown, maybe some one with more knowledge of Atco mowers will chip in to confirm this.

Good luck with the project and enjoy the process of learning how it all works, you can keep us informed by progress reports if you wish.


lambretta007 Wed, 16/02/2011

Thanks Ray,

I will follow the instructions for the vIlliers magneto rebuild. It would be good if anyone out there could tell me if there is a cut out swtch on an atco standard as I might not need to do the rebuild????? 

Thanks again

hillsider Wed, 16/02/2011


Also in Technical Help in the Mower Makes area is a section dealing specificaly with Atco including a selection of operators manuals these may or may not match your mower but the may give you a few ideas.

Generally ingition cut outs if fitted may be found either as a handle bar mounted switch or an earthing strip to the spark plug. But most likely on your engine it will be in the form of a small brass button mounted on the back of the flywheel housing.