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atco royale b24 engine replacement

Just used my Royale B24 for the first real time and the engine has blown ( cracked engine block) the engine is a Tekumseh, would anyone be able to advise what replace engines would fit, I ve heard that a Honda gx160 5.5hp or Briggs and Stratton 5hp will fit. Does anyone know if there is different versions I have to ask for or are they a direct replacement, is there any modification required to fit these, or is there an alternative engine model that might work as well. Thanks


hortimech Sat, 27/04/2013

Either of the two engines you mention will fit, but as I recall, you will have to shorten the crankshaft and alter/replace the throttle cable.

Just about any 5-6hp engine should fit, Loncin etc.


Dave C Sat, 27/04/2013

Thanks for this, is shorten the crankshaft an easy job?, I'm thinking of buy an engine of ebay and looking to do myself, I'm semi practical

hillsider Sat, 27/04/2013

Hello, I don't wish to dampen your enthusiasm re replacing the engine of your Atco but before jumping in at the deep end I would advise that you research the size and type of shaft extension on your existing engine and compare carefully with any engine that are thinking of buying. If you are unsure I would advise speaking to an engine supplier giving them your current engine type and serial numbers and they should then be able to cross reference the engine to a current model.   here are links to two companies that may be of help.  Ray.

hortimech Sun, 28/04/2013

Just about all (if not all) engines produced over the last 40 years have been built with std mount points, crankshaft heights & dimensions. For instance your original engine will have a 3/4 inch diameter crankshaft and if it is the HH60 Tecumseh, it is about 3/4 inch (from memory) shorter than a std crank, you will just need to cut this off your new engine with a hacksaw.

Over the years, I have replaced Tecumseh engines on Atco machines with a variety of engines, they all fitted with just the crank modification.

If you are unsure if the new engine will fit, just measure the crank height etc on your engine, then get the engine provider to do the same.