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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


In my previous post I said that I had started a blog covering the restoration of my Atco standard.

I have decided to end this blog in favour of a new blog with a more appropiate title.

It's only been running a couple of weeks and not yet searchable on google.
If you have no luck clicking on the link below copy and paste the title into an email to yourself and it will appear.

Don't forget the blog starts at the bottom of the page !


hillsider Sat, 20/11/2010

Hello Roy,

  Just taken a look at the restoration blog, from the pictures it looks as though you are making a first class job of it. I see that you discovered what happens when shot blasting metal,  the only way to prevent the instant corrosion effect is to paint on primer almost immediately (Ithink within 15 minutes), you could I suppose spray on light oil but then that needs to be removed before the paint will stick!


oldiron Sat, 27/11/2010

just taken a look at the resto blog. What an amazing machine you are producing there. I dare say even Atco themselves would be jealous.Top work indeed

roythegrass Mon, 06/12/2010

Thanks for the comments chaps.

As you may have seen from my blog I’ve acquired a grass box very kindly donated by Andy – ‘topgunhorse’.  In due course I’ll require a transfer for the front of the box and I think the circular C H Pugh Ltd is the correct one for my model. Am I right ?

I’m minded to use the larger George V1 crest transfer for no better reason than I think it looks better although I appreciate he wasn’t crowned ‘till 1936 so would be inappropriate on a 1920’s machine. What are your thoughts ?