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Atco twenty four

Hello new here 

I picked an atco twenty four  with the tecumseh h60 up the other day. It's not been running for ten years or more so I have cleaned the carb out as it was all varnished up checked for spark but there is non at the plug so I've had the points out cleaned them up along with the magnets on the flywheel and the coil put it al back together and still no spark but if I hold the ht lead while I pull it over I set a slight tingle but not wallop like there should be. Any one got any ideas?

allso how can I date this mower ?




wristpin Mon, 26/05/2014

You really need to find somewhere with a proper ignition tester and get them to check out the coil and condenser. That means finding a decent mower/small engine / motorcycle repairer or even somewhere that does vintage cars. A lot of modern so called repairers will possibly only deal with electronic systems

You say that you have cleaned the points; have you had them out of the magneto and apart and removed all signs of pitting etc or just pulled an emery strip through them? I use a small fine grain carborundum  slip stone for really bad ones that are not readily available. 

Having thoroughly cleaned the points, reassemble them  and make sure that they close "square". You may need to twist the fixed point to achieve this- Tecumseh used to sell a tool for this purpose! Finally having assembled  the points pack into the mag and set the gap take a bit of clean card and pull it through the points to remove any last traces of grease. When pulling it through open the points to release it rather than just pull it out and risk leaving whiskers between them.

Not sure how to date the mower but the Tecumseh serial number  stamped into the blower housing/engine shroud will give the year and day of manufacture.

paulwhalley Mon, 26/05/2014

I've had the points right out and rubbed them down flat and no pitting left on them set the gap to 020 as it says on the cover still no look taking it to the local mower shop is out of the question they have  a 6 week waiting list and they are expensive. I'm just looking to get the mower running to sell it on do you think I should buy new points and condenser ( the outer casing on it is rusted up ) as it will be cheaper to do this 



wristpin Mon, 26/05/2014

By all  means try a new condenser but it could be the coil!

Surprised that your local shop wont do a coil and condenser test sooner. Even when we had a waiting list we would do things like that and recoil repairs on a day to day basis to keep every one happy and ring the till!


hortimech Mon, 26/05/2014

Whilst you might have got the points flat, have you got them clean ? try putting a clean piece of thin card between the points (with them in a close position) and then pull it out, it should still be clean. Also make sure that the wires that connect to the points are not touching to earth anywhere. If this fails, then as Wristpin says, you need to get the ignition system tested to find out just what, if anything, has failed.


christians Tue, 08/07/2014

hi   i found the serial number and date stamped on a sticker on the inside of the frame just next to the back rollar, mine is atco royale B24 L23816 wierdly meaning    23"   1981     i think the 6 means june?      cheers

hortimech Tue, 08/07/2014

Where did you get that idea from? as far as I remember 'L23816' was the partnumber for the machine.


wristpin Tue, 08/07/2014

I second that. The L number is Atco's part number, nothing to do with the date of manufacture. Anyway, it's a 24" not 23" !