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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

AutoMower's are they rare?

Hello, I was just wondering if anybody could help. I have recently acquired two Automowers from roughly 1940's, I think. I have managed to get them up and running, but they are so big I have no space for them. So I was just wondering how much they were worth as I don't want to go to scrap, or somebody who can just make a quick profit. Thanks

StokesG Sat, 14/07/2012

Hello,i was talking to Andrew Hall about my Automowers i have in New Zealand.Andrew informs me that there was only 4000 of them made and so that makes them on the rare side of lawnmowers made.I do not know if they are worth alot of money but i would say they should not go to the scrap.I suggest getting in touch with Andrew Hall as he has the dating records of Automowers sold and maybe give you some idea as to sale value.