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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Bank & Slope Handle

I would like to make a 'Bank & Slope Mower Handle' for use on an old lawn mower on this side of the pond.

If you have one would you please help me with dimensions.

Thank you.


hillsider Sat, 25/09/2010

Hello jim,

    Re your inquiry about dimensions for the handle fitted to a bank or slope mower,  I have just found reference to one in the book `Ransomes Simms & Jefferies Agricultural Engineers a history of their products' by the author Brian Bell  (ISBN 1 903366 15 1) published by Old Pond Publishing.

    There is a photograph and some text stating that the handles were six foot long and were available to fit Ransomes side wheel mowers. It would appear from the mower shown that the bank handles did not have the T handle fitted but I am sure that other pictures have shown a T handle so I am afraid I cannot be too certain about that detail. The other dimensions of the handle appear to be much the same as a normal length handle.

Hope this reply is not too late to be of help but I was hoping that there would be a reply from someone who has actually seen or has one in their collection.