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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Barford & Perkins Godiva

I should have joined the OLC first but wasn't aware of it until yesterday. My grandson and I were clearing a barn at our farm and came across a Barford and Perkins Godiva 12" hand push mower. I have put it on eBay but should have approached the OLC first as I think it deserves a 'good home'. Actually it looks very much like the club logo, but I guess you'd know that. I have some pics of it but haven't yet worked out how to get them on the page.



redfernmowers Sun, 05/08/2012

would love to know more about this interesting little model. items like this are sought after, though the problem is, ebay doesn't always help you to find a suitable home for it. 

I restore ad give new life to abandoned equipment. call it an addiction and part trade. Would be interested to know more.

posting photos is pretty easy. First, click on the image icon when composing a message, a dialog called "Image Properties" pops up. click on "Brows Server" now go to "user****" (*** being user number / name). Now, click on "insert File" this will allow you to upload files from your system. please note that file sizes are limited and an error will show up and fail the upload, so keep your image file size down and all's fine. once the file's uploaded and selected, you can insert into the  message.


johnmc Sun, 05/08/2012

Hello Edward, I think I may have got the picture system right after several goes. I hope these two are will do...the others are on eBay. Thanks John

olcadmin Mon, 06/08/2012


Ebay is a really good place to put your mower as pretty much all of our members who are actively seeking machines will be looking there. Through an auction you can be assured of the right market price as well.

If you search for Godiva across this site you'll find quite a lot of information.

brummy_joe Sun, 12/08/2012

It was nice to follow the progress of this auction and to be able to think, at least for a while, that one of the things on my wish list might actually make it into the collection. I hope whoever has bought this one appreciates it (and brings it to Milton Keynes next May!).

Thanks to John for the care and attention he has shown in selling this really rather special barn find.