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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Basingstoke, Shay products.

The latest copy of Grassbox came in the post today.  found 'Rotoscythe Revival' by Nicholas Longford, a very interesting read.  When I grew up at Kempshott, on the outskirts of Basingstoke our neighbour had a Rotoscythe and we had a Rotovator 120 for digging the garden. It also had a grass cutting attachment that made it look like the machine in the middle of the first photograph. With the very sharp cutting discs on the ends of the blade did a good job of cutting the rough grass areas.  Needed to be used wearing stout boots, sa the revolving blade could spit out flints or half a house brick just as well as the grass!  We also had an experimental snowplough attachment supplied by Shay to try out.  This came with a pair of front drive wheels that could also be used with the mower attachment, but the grass cutting suffered as it was necessary to move the drive belt to lower the speed of the wheels, this also slowed the cutter bar!  Regards to you all, Ian.

Triumph66 Wed, 25/03/2020

Thanks for sharing us your story on the Rotoscythes. I have two in my collection, a Eton and Windsor. Fabulous machines.