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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Bespoke wooden rollers.

Does any subscriber to this forum offer a wooden roller making service?  During the winter I am going to restore my 12" Hayter Hawk (cemetery mower) and will be wanting to replace the missing rear roller. The approximate size is ten inches  wide and four  and a half  inches in diameter with a half inch spindle hole.  I hope to get exact dimensions from Hayters but in the meanwhile if anyone has a Hawk with a roller I will be grateful if they  will measure it!

wristpin Sat, 03/11/2012

As a result of my original post I received just one private message reply which was a little disappointing (number wise, not content!) . However yesterday evening there was a an item on TV in the "How it's made" series about manufacturing beech wood rolling pins so a visit to the local kitchen equipment shop may be in order!

hillsider Sat, 03/11/2012

Hi, the rolling pin idea sound like a promising one if you can find the diameter that you need. Alternatively do you have any one in your area with a wood turning lathe that may be open to a commission in return for a beer or three. 


Clive1997 Sat, 03/11/2012

Had the same problem trying to trace someone local, googled woodturners in Sussex, came up with West Sussex Woodturners, they in 'turn' gave me the contact details of a member that lives 5 mins away from me!! I wanted someone who I could meet face to face & show them the drawings/patterns etc. Suggest you try the same and/or contact these people which is the register of professional woodturners & they may have details of clubs/societies near to you.



wristpin Sat, 03/11/2012

That website looks to be very useful particularly as one of the entrants under Kent is only a couple of miles down the road from me!